New Okuma Sheffield Sirata Center Pin Reel

First Okuma and Sheffield set out to deliver a high quality, center pin float reel at a great price. They accomplished this with the introduction of the dependable Okuma Sheffield 1002. Now these two companies have teamed up to create a reel that would revolutionize the way we center pin fish.

The New Sheffield Sirata SRT-1002 is the first center pin reel to feature the precision smoothness center pin’s are known for with the fish stopping power of a center disk drag. Now when a fish runs you won’t be at the mercy of a simple clicker and an over run spool. Set the drag, turn the drag knob to the off position, cast and drift like a standard center pin reel, then when a fish is hooked, turn the drag knob to the on position. The outgoing drag is silent with a pleasant audible click retrieve. The Sheffield Sirata SRT-1002 has a 4.5″ spool diameter and a line capacity rated at 275 yards of 8 pound line with 50 yards of 20 pound backing.


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